Green Canvas Tarpaulins

A single-filled cotton duck is used to make our heavy-duty canvas tarpaulins. These heavyweight sheets are 15 oz before proofing, resulting in a sturdy finishing weight of 21 oz or 710 gsm after treatment. Heavy Duty Tarpaulins come in a dark military green colour and provide superior abrasion and puncture resistance while remaining breathable. At 2-foot intervals, rust-resistant brass eyelets are inserted into reinforcing tabs. single-stitched hems and seams. These tarps are made of natural fabrics and are breathable. Nevertheless, when canvas tarpaulins are exposed to various temperatures, a small degree of shrinking might occur. Our tough canvas tarps are wax-proofed to make them water-resistant; they will need to be re-treated after being exposed to water to keep their water-resistance. As they are constructed of wax-proofed cloth, these covers are water resistant. These tarps are breathable and water resistant. However, when canvas tarps are exposed to extreme temperatures, they may shrink slightly. These are final sized and have a green colour.

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